7 Best Writing Tools That Provide Free Online Writing Help For Students

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Writing college papers is challenging as you must consider many aspects, from grammar to citation formatting. Research shows writing anxiety correlates with a student’s writing skills. The more knowledgeable one is about the writing process, the less stress college assignments provoke. One way to upgrade your knowledge in this field is to use college writing apps and online tools for writers! And CheapPaperWriting has several free suggestions for you. 

Academic Writing Software: 3 Reasons to Use Free Online Editor For Writing

Before we discuss the best tools for academic writing online, let us say a few words about why these writers’ tools are important. Here are the top reasons why it is good to use online writing software and free online writing tools:

Reason #1: Academic writing improvement online 

The most important reason to use a college writing app and writing sites for students is that they foster learning and improvement. With the help of different writing organization tools, you get hints on how to manage this or another aspect of writing. Thus, you can find an online resource that supports scholarly writing regarding grammar, flow, citations, or tone. As you become more proficient in writing, the process becomes more enjoyable.

Reason #2: Human expertise and computer efficiency in a combo

Even the most proficient author makes mistakes unless they turn to the help of digital writing tools. Bringing together human expertise and automated writing organization tools maximizes outcomes! A free online writing editor is an excellent solution in this regard, as it eliminates the risks of human error.

Reason #3: Performance boosts

Besides the self-improvement factor, using creative writing tools is a simple way to get better grades. Thus, using free tools online helps you avoid unnecessary revisions and improve your grades.

7 Top Online Tools for Writers to Elaborate Your College Papers For Free

Best Writing Software #1: Thesaurus

This free online writing tool is #1 for enhancing your style and wording.

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

That academic writing website is an inexhaustible source of synonyms, writing tips, and grammar coach tasks. The main page of this free writing editor online is super useful in and of itself. Here, you find the synonym of the day, the most searched words, a display of recent articles with grammar and writing tips, and more. Besides, the free online writing tool has a helpful section with the meanings of terms related to emoji, slang, acronyms, pop culture, and memes.

Use this academic writer software as:

  • A free online writing tool to make your language more powerful and expressive;
  • A free writing app to obtain simple and reader-friendly explanations of unknown terms;
  • The best writing assistant software for practical tips on improving your vocabulary and grammar. 

Best Writing Software #2: Grammarly

Grammarly is the queen of grammar, clarity, and delivery. And premium is not obligatory.

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

Once the paper is ready, you must ensure it is free of grammar and spelling errors. Whatever the assignment is, the prof’s instruction normally contains a note about proofreading. In the meantime, proofreading is not always effective because our attention has some limitations. 

Grammarly is a college writing app that helps to overcome these limitations and ensure your paper is flawless. In addition, this online writing software highlights sentences can be more concise and checks the writing tone. You can empower the academic writing software to scan your emails, messages, documents, projects, and social media texts. This essay writing tool has several plans, including the free plan, Grammar Premium, Grammar Business, and others.

Use this academic writer software as:

  • An online free writing editor that scans your texts for grammar and spelling errors;
  • The best program for writers to get free writing help in all sorts of formats, from emails to Instagram posts;
  • A writing tool ensures your tone is adequate for the target audience and theme.

Best Writing Software #3: Hemingway

Hemingway is a free online writing tool that boosts readability. 

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

Your next concern after you get rid of grammar and spelling errors is readability. Even a perfectly correct text might be difficult to read due to the word choice and sentence structure. Hemingway is free online writing software that allows identifying sentences with poor readability. Besides, the free online writing editor highlights phrases that have a simpler alternative and the use of passive voice. More than that, this free writing app offers valuable insights into the text’s properties. Thus, it gives information about the reading time and the number of letters, characters, words, and more. 

Hemingway is one of the most user-friendly rewriting tools for students as it is very simple and has a downloadable desktop app. It is, in parallel, one of the most practical tools for writing concise and economic texts.

Use this academic writer software:

  • For correcting essays online for free in terms of passive voice and sentence structure;
  • To find out the level of the overall readability of your text;
  • As free online writing software to get statistics such as the number of paragraphs.

Best Writing Software #4: BibMe

BibMe is a 10/10 for correcting your citation style.

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

Almost any academic paper requires you to use a certain citation style. Thus, you might have to write an annotated bibliography in MLA or an argumentative essay in APA. Whatever the case is, you’ll need to format all the sources following the rules of the required citation style. Until you figure it out and become familiar with the specifics of each style, you might appreciate the help of BibMe. The latter is a free writing app that creates citations for you. Of all citation writing tools online, BibMe is one of the most effective. It works with over 7k styles and has complete guides to the most popular styles. Like some other online rewriting tools on our list, BibMe checks grammar and plagiarism. This essay writing tool has both free and paid plans.

Use this writing website for students:

  • To create citations in more than 7k citation styles;
  • As one of the academic writing websites where you find complete guides to the most popular citation styles (APA, MLA, or Chicago);
  • As cheap tooling to perform a comprehensive check of your paper.

Best Writing Software #5: Plagiarism Detector

This free writing app will save you from plagiarism problems.

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

One central requirement all schools have for academic papers is to be free from plagiarism. Even if there is some minor plagiarism percentage in a paper, the consequences can be dramatic! The worst thing about it is that the check can show plagiarism even if you have written the whole paper from scratch. Thus, it can happen because you used the same sentence wording as someone before you. 

To eliminate all risks, you need the help of academic writing tools such as Plagiarism Detector. That is the best writing tool to perform a fast and effective plagiarism check. If you use it as a free online writing tool, you’ll only be able to check 1k words per session, 25 sessions in total. To use the writing tool without limitations, you must purchase Plagiarism Detecto Pro.

Use this academic writing website for students:

  • As a website to help with writing texts that are free of plagiarism;
  • As the best program for writers to perform reverse image search and grammar checks;
  • As a set of free online writing tools for converting documents from PDF to Word and vice versa.

Best Writing Software #6: Word Counter

This is another 100% free writing app. 

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

Each college assignment requires word count, reading level, and language. Of course, there is no need for special writers organization tools to check the word count because you can see it in the Word document. In the meantime, you still need a free writing tool online to inspect your paper for the reading level. Here is when Word Counter comes into play. 

The platform is an open board for online writing. Here, you can get the details about the text reading level and track the keyword density. The latter might be of special help in assignments using the course terminology.

Use this academic writer software:

  • As one of the free online writing tools to get text statistics;
  • As the best writing assistant software to work with keyword density;
  • The academic writing software shows the reading level and reading time, which is especially relevant to speaker notes.

Best writing software #7: Focus Writer

The last free writing app, but not the least!

What’s so good about this free writing tool?

Performing all sorts of checks on a paper is great, but what if you cannot get one finished due to distractors? We have scanned the best tools for those who suffer from procrastination and selected Focus Writer as one of the optimal solutions. As you get Focus Writer, you access various writing assistance tools. There are timers, alarms, live statistics, session settings, etc. In a nutshell, this computer writing program works as a distractor-free environment. 

Use this academic writer software:

  • As a set of tools for writing without distractors and the best program for writers who suffer from procrastination;
  • As free online writing apps that help you achieve your writing goals;
  • As one of the many free writing tools online that perform a spell check and give text statistics.

Tips On Using Free Content Writing Tools With the Best Results

When properly used, writer’s organization tools can help to improve your writing skills and boost your grades. In this section, we have collected simple tips on using online tools for writers with the best outcomes. To find out more about how to achieve college academic success, check this. Now, meet our free writing tools strategies:

  • Use a free online editor and online writing apps for managing all stages of the process: outline, rough draft, final draft, etc.;
  • Use different types of academic writing software to care for grammar, vocabulary, citations, tone, etc.;
  • Visit interactive writing websites, where you can read other authors’ posts and exchange ideas;
  • Pay special attention to strategies and tips that your free writing editor online offers;
  • Use your essay writing tool to check everything you write, including emails and presentations;
  • Use downloadable online writing apps to check your texts whether you have an Internet connection or not.

Wrapping Up: A Few Words On How We Selected the Best Free Writing Tools for Our Top 7

We have scanned and tested dozens of online writing apps and interactive writing websites to select the best writing tools. A legit question you might have is the one as to how we selected college writing apps for our top 7. Here are a few arguments why we think our selection includes the best tools for writers.

  • Affordable writing: Without going into detail, we wanted our top 7 tools cheap or, ideally, free. 
  • The best writing tool is the one you have tested: Practical proof of good functioning is necessary to ensure that a tool will help, not hinder your essay. 
  • Different writing assistance tools are good for different goals: We did not want this to be a selection of identic creative writing tools. Instead, we wanted our top 7 to be a comprehensive set of online editing tools for writers that you can use as a ready solution for polishing your paper. 

The rewriting tools from our top 7 are, thus, fit for solving different tasks. That includes checking grammar, finding synonyms, creating citations, and more. Getting writing help online might be super useful as writer tools apps boost your academic skills. The more you get writing apps online to scan your texts, the more proficient you grow in writing.

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