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Hire an essay writer to get an A+ paper in almost no time. Use the professional writing service to free yourself from complicated guidelines, grading rubrics, and revisions. Our custom essay writers are here to provide their colossal expertise for a small cost.
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Placing an order
Changes and Revisions
Placing an order
Changes and Revisions
Placing an order
Can I get help writing assignments in Nursing?
Sure! Our paper writing service provides help in more than 100 disciplines.
Can I hire a dedicated essay writer so that the same specialist can complete all my assignments?
When you order an essay, you can request a particular writer to work on it. If your essay writing helper is available, they will complete your new order. Otherwise, we will promptly find an alternative specialist for you.
Can you provide a sample of a text completed by my essay writing helper?
Yes, and more than that, you can ask your expert essay writer to provide you with a free draft and/or outline of the paper ordered.
Can I use your service to complete essay papers online?
Yes, our paper experts will be glad to assist you with completing courses, quizzes, and other texts online.
Do your paper experts complete CVs and letters of recommendation?
Yes, you can order our paper writing service to complete practically any type of text.
Do you provide fast, easy help? For example, can I get my paper the same day I order it?
The minimum time our paper experts need to complete an order for you is 3 hours. On average, it takes a quick essay writer about 3-4 hours to complete a 7-page academic essay with properly formatted in-text citations and a reference list.
Can I change the deadline after ordering the paper service?
If you need the paper finished sooner than planned, you can contact our support team to ask to cut the deadline. This will typically require an extra fee because the deadline is one of those factors of which the price of the paper writing service is composed.
Can I place an order for paper writer service a month or two in advance?
Sure, you can order essay service as early as you wish. And, what’s more, this will be the cheapest paper writing service because you pay less for long-term orders than urgent ones.
How can I be sure my expert essay writer won’t miss the deadline?
Our academic essay writers are specifically trained to comply with the high standards of quality, which involve the obligation to submit all orders before the deadline. In those rare and exceptional cases where they fail to do so, the client gets a refund.
How can I get a cheap custom essay?
The best way to get essay writing service cheap is to place an order with an extended deadline. Besides, our essay writing service is generally cheaper than other offers in the market because it has no hidden fees, and you only pay for the paper as such, whereas the title list, the reference list, and other related things you get for free.
How is the price of your assignment writing service formed?
The price of our professional writing service derives from 3 factors: the number of words, urgency, and the level of language (e.g., high school, college senior, etc.).
Do I pay more if I need a non-standard writing assignment service, such as solving mathematical problems?
We will ask writers to place their bids if you need non-standard professional writer services — those that cannot be measured in words only. If you are satisfied with the price charged, you will cover the bid, and the essay writing helper will begin working on your paper.
How is the price of a PowerPoint presentation formed?
One presentation slide with speaker notes will be charged as a standard page of text.
How can I be sure my prof will not learn I used an academic essay writing service?
When ordering an assignment from us, you do not need to provide any details such as the name of your college or anything else. Therefore, there is no way for anyone to define your identity.
Can I contact my essay writing expert directly, that is, by phone or Zoom?
For safety and confidentiality reasons, we do not allow direct contact between clients and paper experts. However, if you need to contact your professional essay writer, call or send a message to our support team, who will get it to the writer.
Which personal details do I need to provide when ordering essay writing help online?
When placing an order, you only need to provide an email where we will send the completed assignment. If you wish, you can also leave your contact phone number so that the support team can promptly contact you if any clarifications are required.
Can I ask the essay writing expert to use my login and password to complete online course tasks for me?
Yes, this is something you could do because our English essay writers can complete online courses for you.
Changes and Revisions
Can I change the guidelines after the order has already been placed?
If you’ve ordered professional writing services with us, you can contact the support team and explain the details of the guidelines change. You should be ready, though, that, in most cases, this will imply additional costs that will depend on the scope of the changes required.
What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the paper writing service I receive?
If you feel the text provided requires improvement, you can ask for a free revision.
What if I submit the paper written by the essay writer for hire and the prof asks me to revise it?
You can ask your expert essay writer to complete the revision for you. If the revision request fits within the initial order guidelines — i.e., does not require principal changes such as more words, a different citation style, etc. — you won’t have to pay for it.
Can I ask my professional essay writer to make the paper longer?
Yes, you can order more words; the cost will depend on how many pages of text need to be added.

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