Buy Essay Online: Cheap Is What You Need, If You Are a College Student

Mike Russel

Everyone wants to get the highest marks for their college papers. Some people will stay up the whole night before deadlines,write and edit their coursework to get a good grade. Others will spend multiple hours throughout the week mastering the narrative while just a few would prefer to pay the professional to do the job. 

Every choice must be respected, but paying for writing a paper brings up many questions. How much does it cost? Are there any scammers on the global web that would take the money and disappear? Should I pay a huge sum just to be sure that my essay has the best quality? 

These and many other questions instantly appear when you first decide to get your essay done by someone. Everyone wants to spend less – no one would like to pay an unreasonable amount. However, paying a justified price in exchange for free time is another thing. 

Pay once, gain all the bonuses

“Why should I spend the money on an essay when I can buy food, clothes, or anything else,” this is the main doubt arising in the college student’s head. But if you think this way, you have to consider your own time’s monetary value. 

For example, for every hour you spend on a paper, you could have earned 3$ that’s 15$ in 5 hours if you were doing coursework by yourself.

Of course, self-writing has its pros: you get to learn the required material without spending extra cash. However, consider the cons first: 

  • Having to actually read a lot of information, process it and fully comprehend. That takes several hours of your day and is especially exhausting when you do not even like the subject you study;
  • Keeping up with the plagiarism requirements. The hardest part of doing any paper is rewriting it well enough to prevent the anti-plagiarism websites from finding that you copied stuff from textbooks. After analyzing a lot of information you have to read first, it is especially tiring to come up with something relatively original and new;
  • Following the word count and the deadlines. College professors sometimes are too cruel and give you a 5000-word essay with the next-day deadline. Meeting all the requirements can be exhausting, especially when you have a lot of other tasks; 
  • Spending an ungodly amount of time on the coursework. You have to keep up with everything at once – studying, social life, self-care time, family time, work, and much more – wasting hours on the essay is not fair to yourself.

You can forget about all of the unpleasant emotions that appear when you think about the paper you do not want to do – just find someone to write it! There is a wide price range: from the cheapest to the relatively expensive ones. 

No need to worry about cheating, in fact, the writing services do not help you to cheat but supplement your research efforts. And no professionals will ever study for you, the majority of work is still done by yourself and you are getting help only with the particular paper.

Of course, if you are already considering paying for your course paper, you will start searching and comparing the services offered. Often, the cheapest services are not even considered by college students – cheap equals bad mentality prevails.

That stereotype continues to live on among the top universities’ students that believe that the small amount of money would not correspond to the paper quality and complexity.

The fact is that these doubts are based only because the vast majority are unaware how the cheap essay writing websites operate.

The price is not a synonym for quality

You may be surprised, but the cheap coursework is not even relatively worse than those you pay a lot for. The expensive essay services base their price depending on the commission that a website keeps to itself. 

The main thing motivating the author is the amount of money earned for writing your paper. And when the salary is the same, the authors would not write your essay any differently. The commission that the website keeps is later used for marketing, personnel salaries, and does not affect or motivate authors to keep the quality up. 

Actually, the cheap essay services are even better for the authors and for the quality of your work, because employees have a high interest in writing top-class papers as they get a small reward for being better than most authors. Their rating directly influences the amount of the work they can get, and that is why they will do their best on any course paper you offer to them. 

Do not worry about wasting your time and money when you pay not a big sum for your essay. The simple writing services really care about you coming back to them and are providing you with the most pleasant experience. 

Cheap paper writing sites are usually more student-friendly. Their owners remember their college years and that feeling when they had to decide between lunch, paying for your paper, or getting the gas for the car. That is why they are trying to keep the prices as low as possible! 

However, when students consider using the cheaper essay writing website, the question regarding paper resale arises. Well, coursework creation services strongly care about their reputation and are aware that even the smallest inconvenience or even one unsatisfied client will directly affect their sales. 

The other question is about the deadlines: students care a lot for keeping up with the time that is required for completing the work. No one wants to write apology emails to the professor, especially when you already paid for the paper! 

 “If I buy the essay online cheap, will it be delivered on time?” this is the central theme for the worrying, and the answer is, of course, it will be. The writing services that specialise in college essays are aware of the deadline importance and strive to provide the best service possible. Actually, a more often occurring situation is the early delivery of the work, so you have the chance to read it before handing in.

The doubts about the legality and the rights you acquire when you buy a work from the official seller is also sometimes a concern. The fact is that no coursepaper writing services will claim the work as their own. And if you need confirmation regarding the ownership of the provided work, you can always ask the customer support. They will be happy to assure you that you are the only legal and legitimate owner of the essay, and no doubts will ever arise.

“But is buying coursework even legal?”. Every writing service is one hundred percent consistent with the laws of the country they operate in. No national law even in countries like the US and UK exists that questions the legality of such services.

Moreover, every reliable essay help website will provide you with the terms of use. They usually include the conditions that you are agreeing to when you make an order. Look through them really quick to ensure yourself what you are paying for. 

Plagiarism is a must when you pay

Another big myth about the low-priced essay writing services is that they just use the plagiarised content and never properly check the requirements. No one wants to pay even the smallest price for the paper and find out later that it was copied or not properly rewritten.

No writing service that has self-respect will ever sell a plagiarised paper. No matter the amount of money it is sold for, the damage to business will turn out to be much more than 10$ that website will earn from tricking you. 

Also, the students are part of a really close community, where rumours spread fast. If one student ever spends their money on scam service, others will know about that fairly soon. No writing service wants that. 

Moreover, if you have doubts, you can always ask to send you the plagiarism check before accepting your paper. Plus, some services offer customer support until the grade is received – just in case you are worried.

Buying cheap = being wise

In the end, it seems crucial to note that in the modern world, with the free market, it is really unusual to take the pricey offer over the cheap alternative. The actual fact is and always will be that selling a lot of papers cheap is better than to sell one or two expensive essays. 

That is why you should always use the best-priced option, without any doubts about quality, speed of the delivery, and plagiarism. 

Providing you with the best humanly possible service is the goal of the essay writing companies that were created solely to help millions of struggling students all over the world. Earning money is always a nice bonus, but the mutual help and the consumer-friendly prices are the key to success. 

Mike Russel

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