How to Write a Business Essay: Step by Step Guide

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Types of Business Essay


If you plan to write a business essay for Finance, Marketing, Management, or any other business subject, you need the proper guidelines to make it compelling, well-written, and insightful. The key point in writing essays on business is to support all facts with relevant statistics and academic references. Besides, it is essential to choose the appropriate layout, presentation, and tone of voice, when writing an English business essay.

Types of Business Essay

There are two main types of business essays: (1) a case study type and (2) a discussion type. The structure of a school business essay varies according to the type you should write.

A case study focuses on the present problem in the given case. When writing a case study essay, students have to solve the problem. The fundamental structure for a case study essay include the following:

  • Introduction

In the first paragraph, you have to explain the problem to solve in the essay. It is vital to discuss every detail about the given situation and the question you will address in the writing. Before starting the next step, assure writing the explanation for some business terms for a better understanding.

  • Background

In the second step, you will write about the background of the provided situation for your case study business essay.

  • Main Argument

The third step is writing an argument in the case-type essay. In this part, you need to research and include any necessary information for the subject matter. Do not forget to add facts or statistics that support your main argument and discuss the counterargument with the presence of a personal opinion.  

  • Conclusion

To conclude the case type of essay, you need to write about your final decision, providing relevant and logical reasoning. Make sure to summarize key points in the conclusion. Try to avoid including arguments and focus on results, opportunities, and recommendations.

A discussion type of essay provides you with a topic to discuss. In this case, you might need to elaborate on the given incident or discuss its impacts and causes. You will have to write all key points and counterarguments related to the discussion topic and logically explain them. A discussion type of business essay does not consist of problems, but it provides situations that require deep thinking and valid arguments. The basic structure of this type of essay is the following:

  • Introduction

In the introduction, you should reveal the initial topic to the reader and describe the business writing essay outline. Ensure to clearly highlight the problem and avoid adding useless information because you will discuss it later.

  • Main Body

In the main body, write about the research you conducted and the data you collected about the given topic. Ensure to be clear and concise, when connecting your information with the authors to avoid misalignment.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, you should close the discussion to the final results and support it with logical reasoning and authors’ credits. Avoid including arguments in this part; instead, end it with the final results.

How to Write a Business Essay in 5 Steps:

Conduct a Thorough Research of the Essay Topic

First of all, make sure you fully understand the prompt of the essay to conduct research. Identify which type of essay is given to you: (1) a case study or (2) a discussion-type essay. Secondly, analyze the given topic and ensure illustrating, comparing, criticizing, and explaining, if applicable. As a result, decide on the approach you are going to use based on the provided keywords.3

Write a Strong Thesis Statement

Writing a powerful thesis statement can seem to be troublesome. However, there are many resources available online that can navigate you in this process.

A thesis statement is the last sentence in the introductory paragraph of the essay. It defines a clear and concise summary of the main points of the paper and consists of one sentence. Besides, it explains the topic and the leading idea to discuss in the business essay.

A strong thesis statement must be concise, contentious, and coherent. A solid thesis is short and clear, without any unnecessary words. Students should state their point of view in one or two sentences, using clear language.

According to Indiana University Bloomington, a strong thesis statement indicates the conclusion about a subject. An excellent example of the thesis statement is as follows: “Because Banana Herb Tea Supplement promotes rapid weight loss that results in the loss of muscle and lean body mass, it poses a potential danger to customers,” Indiana University Bloomington shared.

A strong thesis statement indicates the point of the discussion like here: “While most American families would view consanguineal marriage as a threat to the nuclear family structure, many Iranian families, like my own, believe that these marriages help reinforce kinship ties in an extended family,” Indiana University Bloomington added.

A strong thesis statement should not be only specific, but it also has to contain one main idea to avoid confusing the readers. “Because the Internet is filled with tremendous marketing potential, companies should exploit this potential by using Web pages that offer both advertising and customer support,”  Indiana University Bloomington continued.

Follow the Well-Structured Essay Structure


The introduction paragraph should consist of 10% of your total word count and include one paragraph. In this part, it is necessary to discuss the background of the given topic and provide insights into its importance. Plus, you should write a strong thesis statement that consists of the opinion you will prove in the business essay. In the last sentence, make sure to outline your arguments to identify how you will prove the thesis.

The Main Body

In this part, you can define the total quantity of the body paragraph to use in the main body. The structure of the body paragraph should be the following:

  • First/Second/Third topic sentence – Introduce the idea of the paragraph;
  • Supporting statements – Introduce the other people’s opinions about the topic and well as any supporting evidence;
  • Concluding sentence – Summarize and evaluate the content of the paragraph. 

Remember to write your paragraphs logically to ensure readers can follow and understand them easily.


In conclusion, you need to rewrite the thesis in different words and summarize the main points with a broad concluding statement. Ensure including some of the following phrases to start the conclusion:

  • To conclude
  • In summary
  • To sum up
  • In conclusion
  • It is clear that….(topic…thesis)…

Edit and Proofread

Before concluding your essay, make sure to edit and proofread the paper one more time. Focus on double-checking every word, read between the lines, and add or remove irrelevant information to avoid wordiness. Do not forget to seek help from free online software to remove grammatical mistakes, check for plagiarism, and polish the content.

Write a Conclusion

Once you edit your essay, ensure reading it aloud to ensure it sounds appropriate. Pay extreme attention to spelling mistakes, punctuation tone of voice, and date to make your business essay sound professional. If you find it difficult to read some sentences, make corrections or remove them from the text. When you finish editing, you can go ahead and submit your work.


Writing business essays should not be hard when you have available guidelines to navigate you in the learning process. Do not forget to understand the essay topic and present your ideas in a logical and organized manner.

Remember to pay attention to the recent data, statistics, and concepts from academic resources to make your essay informative and knowledgeable. When writing, use clear and concise language as well as professional vocabulary in your essay. Make sure to watch videos on starting a business essay on YouTube if you require any additional help.


Am I required to include my opinion when writing a business essay?

Yes, you are required to include your opinion when writing a business essay that we call a “thesis.”

How can I include my opinion if I am just a business student?

After completing a study or research about the topic, you can evaluate what other people wrote about it and come up with your conclusion.

Will it be critical if my teacher disagrees with my opinion?

Usually, your teacher is looking to see if you conducted research and presented a strong thesis based on the evidence to support your arguments in the business essay.

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