A Useful Guide On How To Write A Classical Argument Essay In Several Steps

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There are various types of assignments that students prepare while being in college. It is important to know the differences between papers and have an idea of their main peculiarities. 

This article is devoted to the features of a classical argument assignment and its structure. It will provide more information on this type of essay and help you create a remarkable paper in several steps. Moreover, it will describe the main parts of argumentative assignments. And it will also explain what should be mentioned in each paragraph. 

Let’s start with defining the term and checking the main peculiarities of the classical model of argument essays. 

Main Features Of A Classical Argument Position Paper

what are the parts of an argumentative essay
what are the parts of an argumentative essay

There are many articles that can help you get an idea of how to prepare a good argumentative essay. Shortly, such types of assignments aim at:

  • providing your point of view 
  • persuading readers to support it by reasoning and offering evidence

Such papers usually consist of five parts, and the main topics are related to technology, science, health care, and politics.

Moreover, such papers require a good thesis statement that should be explained throughout the work.

How To Write A Classical Argument Essay In 6 Steps

Undoubtedly, creating an argumentative paper is quite a challenging task. If you feel lost, take a look at these steps that will help you write an outstanding paper:

  1. Set Your Own Deadlines And Start Writing In Advance

    It is widely known that most students prefer to procrastinate and leave all the tasks for later. Still, not all the papers can be prepared in several hours. Writing an outstanding argumentative essay is a difficult and time-consuming task.

    Are you the one who never hands the assignments in on time? Then, the best idea is to divide writing into several parts and set your own deadlines. In this case, you will be able to create a good paper and meet the timelines. 

  2. Read Diverse Examples Of Classical Argument Papers

    If you write such an essay for the first time, the best idea is to start by checking multiple classical argument essay samples. Don’t consider it as a waste of time as such an approach will help you:

    find out good examples of argument essays
    get acquainted with the format and structure
    find some useful ideas for your future paper

    Read several examples of argumentative essays. Try to write down the advantages and disadvantages of these papers. It will help you critically evaluate the works and omit the drawbacks in your own assignment.

  3. Check The Classical Argumentative Papers Structure

    As aforementioned, classical argument essays consist of five parts:


    Pay attention to each part when checking diverse samples of such essays. It is essential to follow the guidelines and create a logical and well-structured paper. Let’s have a closer look at each part and find out what should be mentioned there:

    A writer needs to introduce the topic and warm up the readers. Generally speaking, this is a preface that helps you establish a connection with the audience. It also offers a thesis statement that will be revealed throughout the paper. 
    In most cases, an introductory part is short and consists of 3-5 sentences.

    Sometimes this part can be included in the introduction. It usually provides background information that is relevant to the argument. This part offers a type of appeal to the reader and let him:
    know what is at stake in the  paper
    weigh the sides carefully
    This part isn’t limited and can consist of 8-10 sentences. Moreover, some authors can create multiple paragraphs in this part.

    The third part of argumentative papers suggests evidence that supports the argument. Writers should include at least three thoroughly explained examples and sum up the ideas in the last sentence of the paragraph. 
    Again, there is no set number of sentences, and it is possible to divide this paragraph into several parts. 

    This part offers counter-arguments to the provided claim. It gives a writer a chance to anticipate possible objections. It also has a concluding sentence that relates back to the thesis. 

    This part lets writers sum up the ideas and reiterate the claim. This paragraph should be short but powerful and offer the “right” choice to the reader. 

  4. Brainstorm The Ideas

    As soon as you’ve learned how such papers look and found out their structure, this is the right time for brainstorming. Write down the main arguments and counter-arguments that will help you support your point of view. Think over your thesis statement and ensure that the evidence you want to use is related to it.

  5. Make An Outline Of Your Essay And State The Thesis

    Spend some time creating an outline of your future essay. It will help you write a logical and well-structured paper. Moreover, it will let you find some weak spots that you should pay attention to. 

    Create a draft version of your assignment and verify that each part follows the standard guidelines. 

  6. Devote Some Time For Editing And Proofreading

    When your paper is ready, don’t rush to hand it in. Devote some time to editing and proofreading and rewrite the essay after. Some students mistakenly believe that this stage can be omitted. As a result, they often get papers that contain plenty of grammar and punctuation errors. 

    Ensure that your essay is logical and all the provided evidence correlates with the claim. If you don’t want to do it on your own, ask for professional help. Top experts will check your paper and verify that you will get the highest grade.


All in all, like many other types of essays, a classical argument paper requires time and effort. Students need to read various samples to learn more about the structure and get acquainted with the format. It is also vital to create a thought-provoking thesis that will grab readers’ attention just from the beginning. 

It is obvious that most young people prefer to save their time and ask for paper help. Luckily, there are tons of reliable writing companies that offer writing services at reasonable prices. They do not only guarantee the quality of the work but also suggest full confidentiality and anonymity. Thus, students may be sure that they will get 100% plagiarism-free papers that can be handed in without any problems. On top of that, such services usually keep blogs, and it means that young people can find out valuable tips while waiting for their papers. 

So, it is up to you whether to prepare assignments on your own or order professional paper help. Still, bear in mind that it is essential to start writing your assignment in advance. Otherwise, you may either miss deadlines or pay extra in case you are cooperating with writing companies.

Mike Russel

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