The Ultimate Guide for Helping You Create a Successful Speech in Several Steps

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There is undoubtedly a chance that we will all need to make a speech one day. It may be quite stressful, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Most people wonder how to write a great speech and make it memorable. Surely, there are plenty of examples of successful speeches available online. However, when it comes to writing our own speeches, the majority of us feel lost and confused as to where to start. 

There are many types of speeches, and each kind has its own goal:

  • to inform
  • to instruct
  • to persuade
  • to motivate
  • to entertain

Still, all of them should:

  • clearly present the speaker’s ideas
  • lead to effective communication with the audience
  • leave some food for thought afterward

This article will describe some useful tips on how to write an amazing speech.  It will also provide an outline that will help you create a presentation which will definitely catch all listeners’ attention. 

What Is The Universal Structure Of A Good Speech?

The basic structure of a good speech
The basic structure of a good speech

It doesn’t matter what kind of speech you are preparing; they all have a similar structure. You should divide it into three logical parts:

  • an introduction
  • main part
  • then, the conclusion

Let’s discuss what each part of the presentation should include and then  how to write a powerful speech:


Start with asking why you are writing and giving this speech and what is its main purpose? Focus on the audience and think about all of the information that should be provided before the main part. 

For example, if you are giving a speech at a conference, do not waste time presenting yourself. Usually, someone else will introduce you to the audience. The best idea is to catch listeners’ attention by telling them a short story that is related to the topic of your speech. 

Main Part

Ensure that you stick to one particular topic and cover only five main points maximum. It is useless to try to share all of the information you’ve got about the chosen topic as this becomes tedious for the listener. The main consideration is to support all your thoughts and build clear transitions from idea to idea.

Try to share some memorable, relatable stories as it is proven that such examples let people remember information better if they can tie it to a scenario. Do not hesitate to share some personal stories as well and include anecdotes or funny facts to grab the audience’s attention. 


Sum up all of your ideas and give some food for reflection to your listeners. A memorable conclusion to a speech should be short and convincing. 

Make your summary remarkable by finishing it with some thought-provoking  words or examples. 

Useful Tips For Writing Speeches

Even though the structure is universal and clear, lots of people still search for some alternative useful tricks. Let’s have a look at the tips that will contribute to effective speech writing. 

Know Your Target Audience

One of the most important things that you should pay attention to when preparing a speech is surely the audience. You need to know what knowledge and interests your listeners have. It is essential to conduct a small research task and concentrate on your audience needs. 

For instance, if it is a general public, you may need to explain some terms or offer special, relatable examples. 

Carefully Pick A Topic

Undoubtedly, in the majority of cases a topic will be stated and all you would have to do is prepare a speech. Still, the best idea is to narrow it down and talk about one particular thing only. Suggest the thesis and explain it throughout the entirety of your talk. Ensure that you support these ideas with various facts and illustrative examples.

Create An Outline Of Your Speech

Before writing a great speech, take your time and create a comprehensive outline of it. Moreover, you can share some points with your audience so that they can easily follow your thoughts. Explain how your speech will formulate and do not hesitate to repeat some phrases. Remember that repetition is a great tool that helps captivate your audience and make your topics memorable.

Organize Your Presentation

A woman makes a speech and uses visual aids to support her ideas
A woman makes a speech and uses visual aids to support her ideas

Do you wonder what makes a speech effective? There are plenty of tricks and tools that will ensure your audience carefully listens to you. Although, it is quite difficult to involve listeners without visual representation of your main ideas and subjects. 

Various charts, graphs, and other visual aids will make you sound more persuasive and offer compelling support. 

Pay Attention To The Details And Support Your Ideas With Facts

Aforementioned, if you want to sound convincing, you need to support all of your the ideas with suitable facts and evidence:

  • use statistics and various quotations
  • provide some relevant data
  • share stories related to the topic of your speech

Yet, you should try not to overdo your speech and carefully check the accuracy of all of the provided data. Otherwise, your listeners may easily lose interest. 

Create A Memorable Conclusion

One of the key elements of a successful speech is a unique and memorable conclusion. Make it short, concise and persuasive by ending your talk with:

  • illustration
  • thought-provoking quotes
  • anecdotes
  • some memorable words

Another great technique is to ask a question or make your listeners promise that they will contribute to a cause. It will lead to some food for thought and make them remember your speech for quite a long time. 


In conclusion, writing speeches requires a lot of careful time and effort. People need to research the audience, carefully select a topic, and prepare a logical, persuasive presentation. It is also crucial to provide multiple examples and facts to involve the audience and grab its attention.

Luckily, there are diversified techniques that help make your talk remarkable. People use various tools and also interact with listeners to keep them interested. 

However, not all of us want to spend time on writing and proofreading. Fortunately, there is an option for those who prefer to avoid working on speeches. They can ask for professional writing help and get a memorable speech at very short notice.

Lots of reliable companies offer such services for comparatively low prices. All you need to do is place an order in advance and wait for your speech to be created by professional writers. 

Why Is It Important To Use Presentations While Having A Speech?

Various tools that suggest visual representation of ideas, facts, and statistics let you engage the audience more effectively. This will help you to create a unique atmosphere, whilst making your speech unique and memorable.

How To Communicate With The Audience And Get Attention?

It is essential to get the attention of and communicate with your audience. Ask various questions, offer some incredible facts, and support your ideas with the opposite quotations. You can also give handouts so that listeners can easily follow you.

Why Do You Need To Support Your Ideas With Facts?

Relevant information, along with correct data, will ensure that your listeners will trust you. Alternatively, inaccuracies will undermine your credibility, and the audience will lose interest.
Try to support all the ideas with facts and statistics but do not overdo quotations. Otherwise, it will be too difficult for the audience to concentrate and perceive the speech.

Is It Expensive To Order Speech Writing Help?

Those who want to get a perfect speech often ask for professional writing help. Some people mistakenly believe that such services cost a fortune. In reality, the prices are comparatively low. Also, most companies offer additional perks and bonuses to their loyal customers.

Mike Russel

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