How to Choose an Educational Psychology Paper Topic

Mike Russel

The issue

Finding a decent topic is one of the major steps in the process of writing any paper. The topic is the fundamental unit of all work. This becomes especially important when writing an essay on the topic of psychology. The goal of psychology is to study the behavior of people in various situations. Without this branch of science, it would be difficult for people to understand each other. One of the most important branches of psychology is educational psychology. There is no single way to choose the topic of an educational psychological paper. Students should rely on their experience, knowledge, skills and, most importantly, desire. Heart-to-heart research is much easier to write. Indeed, choosing a topic and being able to convey information clearly is a real skill. But you can easily master it by following a few simple steps.

  1. Step 1 – Choose a topic that you like

    Many students choose topics based on ease of writing. However, then they experience difficulties and aren’t at all satisfied with their work. When conducting research, you need to clearly answer the question of why you became interested in this topic. And then there will be no problems with writing paper at all. Educational psychology is an area that initially many people find very boring. However, with just a few minutes of searching, you will find that it’s full of many interesting questions to explore.

  2. Step 2 – Brainstorming

    Brainstorming is a process during which students generate as many ideas as possible. Even the most unusual and sometimes fantastic ideas come to mind at this moment. The goal of this process is to come up with as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time. During this period of time, your brain activates thought processes. You can invite someone to participate in this activity. For example, family members or friends, or use a paper writing service. Perhaps you already have some interesting topics in mind. Then a side opinion will help you make the final decision.

  3. Step 3 – Localizing the topic

    Once you have chosen a topic, you need to make sure that it’s narrow enough. Sometimes students choose an incredibly interesting but too broad topic. Hence, it turns out that they either don’t fit into the volume, or they cannot concretize their research. Try to narrow down the topic you have chosen. Problems of research in educational psychology should be disclosed in the course of work. If you cannot specify the research question, then this is the first signal to change your choice.

  4. Step 4 – Preparing for Research

    Before you start working on your paper, do your research on the relevant literature. Look for books or lectures on the topic of your choice. See how other authors solve the problem and conduct their research. In educational psychology, there can be many approaches to highlighting a particular problem. However, you need to make sure that you have enough facts and literature to solve it. Your task is to write a meaningful educational psychology paper. That is why the availability of the necessary information and data for research is a key factor.

  5. Step 5 – Research value

    Your work should have educational value. If the topic you have chosen is already well covered by many authors, then its value is lower. The essence of research is precisely to convey new ideas. The topic you are writing about should be an interesting and relevant new problem. The Educational value will be high if you cover a topic that no one has researched before. Your work should not retell others. It’s important that the paper is your individual research, conveying exactly your point of view and reasoning.

Examples of Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

To make it easier for you to find relevant research paper topics on psychology, here is a picklist.

Social and behavioral development

This topic describes how people interact with their environment. In research, you can uncover emotional and behavioral disorders in people. Your work may be geared towards new treatments for behavioral difficulties. You can also reveal the issue of identifying and diagnosing problems of social development. Note to yourself that this topic can be explored for both children and adults. Socio-behavioral development in children is a vast topic that is really interesting to study. You can suggest possible practices to improve social interaction. The social experiment can also be an important part of your research.


Autism is a disorder characterized by impaired brain development. People with autism have difficulties in socialization and communication. They need a completely different approach in education. Autistic people shield themselves from communication with other people. From the side of psychology, this topic is very interesting. This is a disease that a person acquires from birth. And there is a whole field here for researching treatment methods from an early age. Children with autism need a personalized education program. They care about therapy, socialization and learning. By choosing autism as your main topic, you can do some really interesting psychological research. Although this topic doesn’t seem new, it has many gaps and unresolved issues.


This topic is directly related to educational psychology. It’s about how children learn to read and speak from childhood. Indeed, reading and speaking skills are integral parts of our life. During the studying process, children learn how to express their thoughts in writing and speaking. It’s very important to lay the right foundation at an early age. In this topic, you can reveal the best techniques for teaching children to read. In addition, an important issue is a problem of recognizing the risk of reading difficulties in children. When is the best time to start learning foreign languages? This question is also very interesting. Using a scientific basis of evidence, then the research work will be truly complete and constructive.


This topic may seem pretty popular to you. Also, it seems that everything has already been said and studied. However, it still remains truly relevant and worth researching. Bullying is directly educational psychology. Why do children bully each other? What are the prerequisites for such acts? How does the victim behave? All these questions aren’t so easy to find an answer for. The topic is truly relevant, because there’s not a single school where bullying doesn’t exist. Actually, not only at school but also at work people face bullying. From a psychological point of view, there’s a huge space for research here. This topic will be especially relevant for those who have experienced bullying on themselves. In your research, you can talk about practices that help you overcome peer humiliation in school.

Final thoughts 

Working on an educational psychological paper is not an easy task. But those students who follow certain guidelines, including perfecting their introduction paragraph, do well and get excellent grades. Choosing the best topic for your research is doing 50% of the work. Don’t be lazy and take the time to find the right psychology paper topic. The first topic you see is not always the best option. Check with your supervisor and follow the guide from the article to ensure a strong foundation for your essay.

Mike Russel

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